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Nizza Foods meets all the requirements of Food Safety and HACCP and is audited by several independent Food Safety Auditing institutions each year. NIZZA Foods previous FSA Audit score was 95.7% (2017).

Nizza workers’ hands are washed and sanitized at regular intervals with food-approved chemicals and sanitizers to maintain good hygiene. We also have the results of our workers’ hand swabs, taken by a laboratory on a regular basis.

Interesting fact: Gloves are unfortunately not a guarantee that bacteria and/or allergens are not transmitted from one area to another. On the contrary, it creates a very good impression, but that glove is as susceptible to bacteria as the skin and still needs to be kept clean. Many controls still have to be applied, even if you wear gloves. According to SANS 10049: 2012, all food workers’ hands must be washed and sanitized, with approved detergents on a regular basis. The wearing of gloves is not a requirement.

Finally, we also want to remind our customers that our product is not a “ready to eat” product. It goes through a braai or baking process by the consumer themselves before eating. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us for more complete feedback.

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